Thank you for purchasing WAVE Xtractor.
  How do I get my Activation Code?


After you have purchased your Licence, you will need to:
1. Right Click on the Wave Xtractor Icon.
2. Select  'Run as administrator'

*Note: You can also Right click on the text box, Select All, then Copy.

Follow steps 1 & 2 only if you are on
Vista or Windows 7.

3.  Click on the 'Register' button from WAVE Xtractor and then click on the *'COPY' button to copy the Request Code information.

Once that is copied, you will then have to eMail this to:

Once this information is received, you will then receive your Activation Code shortly.


*Note: Please make sure the 'REQUEST CODE' you send is from the PC that you will be using Wave Xtractor on, because the Activation Code would only work on that Single computer.

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