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What's New

v4.2 (Build 16 March 2015)



*Fixed .UVD Export Error
*Improved PCM File Reading
*Now it can open Locked PCMs and play samples that are not locked
*Internal improvements


v4.1.920 (Build 20 September 2014)



*Fixed incorrect Display with KORG Style Count
*Fixed Local Pa Display Error


v4.1 (Build 01 July 2014)



+Auto Update Feature Added
+Multiple Selection Added on Search/Export Feature
*Fixed Detecting Local/Ex Pa Styles
*Remember Last Path Fix
*Internal improvements


v4.0 (Build 10 May 2014)



*Fixed NOISE Problem
*Improved KORG PA File Support
*Improved KORG PCM Support
*Improved Yamaha Tyros Support
+New Yamaha Tyros 3 .UVD Drum Voice File support
+New Supports Yamaha UVN Stereo
*Improved Yamaha TVN Support
*Improved Yamaha UVN Support
+New Pitch/Key Detection
+New Style Manager shows loaded .SET Version
*Style Manager Updated
+New Audio Editor - Added 'Add Distortion' Button
*Audio Editor - Fixed correct Sample Size
*Audio Editor - Fixed Wav Update Issue
*Remembers Last Path
*Upgrade option to KORG PA Manager

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