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What's New

v3.2 (Build 13 May 2012)



*Style Manager PA3X P5 Fix
*Yamaha .UVN Buffer Size Fix
*Internal improvements


v3.1.325 (Build 25 March 2012)



*Style Manager - Win 7 Hang Fix
*Style Manager - Single Style PA3X Tab5 Fix
*Internal improvements


v3.1 (Build 18 March 2012)



+Style Manager - Now supports PA80/PA1X/PA800/PA2X/PA3X Styles
+Style Manager - Fav11 & Fav12 Tabs added - PA3X
*Style Manager - Save Dialog / Cancel Button Fix


v3.0.700 (Build 5 July 2011)



+Style Manager save fix with some older styles
*Read Names of USB Locked PCM Files
*PCM Search Fix


v3.0.600 (Build 15 May 2011)



+You can now choose where to save the extracted .wavs
*Fixed a slight problem with the way it read some files
*Fixed invalid file checks on the Style Manager
*Internal improvements


v3.0.500 (Build 25 Apr 2011)



+Full Support of older KORG PA80 Styles
*Win Vista/7 Admin credentials fix
*Update error fix
*Internal improvements


v3.0 (Build Feb 2011)



+New Audio Editor
+New Setup/Installation
+Associated Icons
+Show Position Option Added (.STY/.PCG/.PRF/.PAD)
*Fixed errors with Yamaha .TVN Files
*Full support for Yamaha .TVN Files (no skipping of files)

*Improved Automatic File Detection
*Correct display of .PCM Sample Size
*Fixed .KMP error
*GUI Enhancements & New Logo
-Discontinued YouTube Xtractor
*Internal improvements

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