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What is Wave Xtractor  

WAVE Xtractor is a handy audio tool with the ability to extract RAW (.Wav) data from popular File formats from within the music industry. You can preview/listen & extract the Wave samples contained in each file format on your PC, and view their Audio Properties without having to load them on to your keyboard first. These include; .PCM/.KMP/.TVN/.UVN/.UVD/.SF2 Files.

It can also Read and create Reports of the Names within the following File formats:  (.STY/.PCG/.PRF/.PAD) - ALL KORG PA Series

Furthermore you can also Manage & Organize your KORG PA Styles with the Style Manager. You can 'SWAP', 'Copy/Paste' & 'Delete' Styles.

v4.2.700 (Build: 28 Feb 2016) | Size: 1.28 MB

Runs under the Windows® platform only.

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